02 septiembre 2014

Digital Roadmap for libraries

The Digital Roadmap for Libraries, created by Dosdoce.com in collaboration with Elisa Yuste, offers the various possible applications of the new generation of technology in library services (beacons, QR codes, face recognition systems, smart sensors, etc.).

In our view, we are facing a complete transformation of libraries physical spaces. It’s no longer enough to have a social media presence or offer ebooks for loan; the new wave of technologies will transform library services and physical spaces.

If we all admit now that Internet has radically changed the way people seek and find all kind of information and content, does anybody believe that libraries can keep the same 20th-century physical experiences & services?

The emergence of third generation technologies such as face recognition, smart sensors (beacons), recommendation systems based on users’ satisfaction, interactive applications, among others, offers libraries an impressive range of possibilities to enrich its users’ experiences. All these new technologies will change the way libraries offer their services to patrons, help them to select content and their catalogue, become meeting points for their users through screens, etc.

In the digital era, visiting a library is not a merely analogical activity but a process shared with technology. In order to continue providing users the best service and enrich their visit experiences, libraries will gradually incorporate in their physical spaces all kind of technologies such us digital content gift cards, touch screens with recommendation systems based on users’ satisfaction, apps loan services, intelligent carpets that detect users’ behavior, etc.

We believe that the potential of these technologies is immense.

We hope the Digital Map for Librarians becomes a quick and useful reference tool in the book world.

Please click in this link: «Digital roadmap for libraries«, then print out and paste together.

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