07 abril 2015

New Business Models in the Digital Age

This Report is definitely the most informative discussion of new business models on the Internet that you will read. It has been written specifically to help professionals in book-related industries (publishers, libraries, universities, bookstores, agents or distribution platforms) to design the best mix of business models to meet the needs of their customers.

Dosdoce.com first published the paper, sponsored by Cedro (Spanish Reproduction Rights Centre), in 2014 in Spanish. The paper was a huge success and had over 5,000 downloads. As a result, the paper has been released in English in conjunction with BookMachine just in time for the London Book Fair.  

In recent years we have seen how the Internet has transformed companies’ business models and structures in many sectors (media, air transport, tourism, financial intermediaries, etc.). Companies based on packaging and marketing content through intermediaries will undergo changes in their business models. Companies in cultural industries are no exception to this process of structural transformation. We enter into to a new scenario where the relationship between companies and their customers (B2C) will have a greater weight than in the current “business to business” (B2B) model of intermediation.

Choosing the publishing business model to help you prosper on the Internet can be a lengthy process and involves a flexible mindset. Whether you are a publisher, agent, author, bookseller, or librarian – this report will help you to determine where business opportunities lie and the benefits of each model.

It is our hope that with this study we are able to provide you with a broader view of the multiple opportunities offered by new business models in the digital age, and clear up any doubts or preconceptions you may have about them. Above all, however, we hope that this study allows book professionals to begin reflecting upon how to begin to incorporate these models into your company’s strategy, whether that be a publishers, libraries, universities, bookstores or distribution platforms.

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